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Through our years of experience working in prisons and gang-ridden communities, we have seen how difficult it is for youth to leave a life of gangsterism and crime.

The unemployment rate in South Africa is higher than 30%, by  adding a criminal record to this equation, it is almost impossible for the young people we work with to find a job once they have left prison.

As you can see above, Gangstar Café makes a significant financial impact but, the social impact and ripple effect of our Gangstars on their families, community and nation is what really excites us. Lives that were once the problem, have become the solution, no longer causing destruction, but offering hope and restoration. Our gangstars have become positive role models that young people can aspire to be like.

Help us to open more cafes and mobile coffee carts so we can make a bigger social impact in Cape Town and beyond. For more information contact us.