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Since 2014, The Message Trust has been offering in-prison training to juvenile offenders. Through this training we prepare young men for release from prison.

Through an initial survey in Drakenstein youth prison we found that around 90% of the offenders had no clear plan in place for their release. The Message Enterprise programme (MEP) was launched in response to these findings, in 2015. MEP provides a through-care programme that provides each individual with the tools and skills to reintegrate back into society.


We recruit juvenile offenders who have an intrinsic desire to leave a life of crime and gangsterism. This is done in conjunction with both the Education & Development and Spiritual Care departments of Correctional Services. Our team works with 20-25 juvenile offenders over a one year period. We will also be offering shorter courses in other Correctional facilities.


We provide a ‘through-care’ approach, preparing young men from within prison, supporting them on release, helping them reintegrate back into society.

We do this through three key areas:

  1. Training / Employment through in-prison training and external employment placements once released, or internally through our Gangstar Café’s

  2. Accommodation through our OAKS discipleship home, and partner homes

  3. Community – providing one on one pastoral care for each individual. This is monitored through our Wheel of Life monitoring and assessment tool

Our full training curriculum is based on the 5C’s, read ‘about us‘  for more information.


Part of MEP is to encourage business and church leaders to get involved by facilitating classes in prison. If you would like to get involved please contact

“We support and endorse The Message Trust Programme, which is making a significant impact on the lives of our offenders. We are thankful for the stories of change that we have seen through our working relationship with The Message Trust”.

HJ Jumaats – Head of Development and Care, Drakenstein Management