Gangstar Café is not just any business; it is a business with the purpose of providing both social and business solutions to our customers. All Gangstar Café profits are utilised to provide employment and support to ex-offenders and youth who want to leave gangsterism and crime. In the context of the current unemployment rate of 36.6% and youth unemployment at a shocking 67.4% (Fin24 August 2017 stats), people who have been to prison find it even more difficult to secure employment and are therefore more likely to re-enter the prison system (80% recidivism in SA). Gangstar Café exists to offer a comprehensive solution to those leaving prison and those who want to exit a criminal lifestyle.

Gangstar Café is the trading name of Gangstar Enterprises (Pty) Ltd which is a 100% owned business enterprise of The Message Trust. The Message Trust is registered with the Department of Social Development as a Non Profit Organisation (133-638-NPO) and as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 930046622) with SARS allowing for Section 18A status.

Gangstar Enterprises has a B-BBEE Level 1 Status, making it highly attractive as an Enterprise Development or a Supplier Development beneficiary. We are able to help provide B-BBEE points and business solutions to corporate partners in the following ways. 

Enterprise Development

Gangstar Cafe requires ED funding to expand our business and provide further Gangstar employment opportunities. We also require investment to purchase new equipment and do further renovations on our flag ship Cafe in Mowbray. In addition to the BEE scorecard points available to Enterprise Development, if your assistance results in us being able to provide employment for one Gangstar you will be able to claim a bonus point on your BEE scorecard.

Skills Development

All our Gangstars require training as barista's, customer service, job readiness and point of sale. Your company can fund or provide skills training to up-skill our Gangstars, improve our business and directly contribute to a safer South Africa. 

Preferential Procurement

Gangstar Cafe is positioned to become a preferred supplier to your company contributing to your overall Preferential Procurement Score with 135% of qualifying purchases. We are able to supply you with our fantastic coffee, venue hire for events and corporate clothing through our merchandise division.

Supplier Development

Should we become a supplier to your business, any investment or contribution to Gangstar will count towards Supplier Development B-BBEE points. This can be done through providing financial or non financial assistance. Bonus points can also be earned by converting Gangstar from an ED beneficiary to an SD beneficiary.

We would welcome the opportunity to share our business plan with you over a Gangstar coffee.....